PRAISE THE LORD and Welcome to the

None Suffer Lack Federal Credit Union!

The None Suffer Lack Federal Credit Union (NSLFCU) was established to minister to the financial needs of believers in the Body of Christ, and their family members.  The credit union is a biblically based financial institution governed and operated by godly principles; thereby making it good ground to plant your financial seed.

What we offer

NSLFCU is currently offering Savings Accounts; Share Draft Checking Accounts; Personal Loans, Auto and Refinance Auto Loans, Home Mortgage Loans; as well as Online Banking with an option to sign up for the Bill Pay. 


The vision of None Suffer Lack Federal Credit Union is that it will be a financial light that will shine in the world; whose whole purpose is to attract the lost to its strength; provide a foundation for the Body of Christ to use in the natural realm to reform the Church; to the end that souls will be saved and the world will know that our God is God.

Mission Statement

None Suffer Lack Federal Credit Union is a financial institution where the people of God can network their resources together in a manner that will glorify God. This credit union will help eliminate lack in the lives of its members by promoting the proper attitude toward money and finances, emphasizing a biblical system of controlling money and encouraging the proper use of money as taught in the book of Acts.

None Suffer Lack Federal Credit Union will provide sound financial services in a Christian environment. The credit union will function to meet the financial needs of its entire membership while concentrating on the individual wealth of each member and offering the best plan for their overall prosperity. This will be accomplished by providing services that are simple and inexpensive to use in order to maximize the productivity of the member’s resources.

None Suffer Lack Federal Credit Union’s priority is to serve its membership. The credit union will provide financial services to members who may not traditionally qualify for such services while maintaining the highest level of integrity. The members it helps while maintaining its financial strength will be the measure of the integrity of the credit union. This credit union will not be profit driven, but it will be principle driven so that the system of God will be actualized and seen in its everyday operation.


To give us sufficiency, independence, and control over our affairs, commanding respect, causing the secular world to emulate us and to seek what we have by spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, caring for our own, controlling our environment so that the world will know that our God is God!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.


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