Savings, Checking Dormant & Inactive Account Info.

Savings Accounts

The following accounts are available at the None Suffer Lack Federal Credit Union:
Regular Share Savings
$50 deposit
A savings account which can provide the financial foundation for
a member and their family.
Budget In Advance (BIA) Share Account
$50 Deposit
A savings account which can be used to save for a known expenditure
that occurs at a known time in the future.
College Fund Share Account
$100 Deposit
A savings account that can be used to fund education.
Next Generation Account
$100 Deposit
A savings account that can be used for the next generation.

Dormant Accounts

Under Maryland State Law, your account will be considered dormant if within the past three years you have not deposited to or withdrawn from your account.  At that time dormancy notices are sent to inform you of your account status.  If you fail to respond to this notice within thirty (30) days, state law requires us to send all funds in your account to the state of Maryland as abandoned property. To re-claim your property you must submit a request to the Unclaimed Property Unit of the State of Maryland.  For more information click on the Unclaimed Property tab listed under dormant accounts.

Inactive Account

An account has been classified as inactive if there has not been a transaction within a 6-month period.  To reactivate your account out of the inactive status, there must be a deposit or withdrawal made to your account immediately.